Davisville Yard

The Davisville yard is located around Davisville Station, which is actually located in the middle of the yard (in the north-south direction).   The yard was opened in 1954 and until 1966 when Greenwood yard opened was the place where all the trains were stored.  After Wilson yard opened, most of the trains were moved there and the Davisville was not as important as it once was.  In the 1990s, the yard was mostly used to store equipment that was destined for the scrapper.

Here is a plan of the property as well as the floor plan of the car house.

These are two aerial photographs of the Davisville Yard.  The first was taken in 1964 and the second in 1992.


 The view of the north end of Davisville Yard from the Imperial St. bridge.  The view of the yard and the station from the same bridge.

The view of the maintenance bays from the southbound platform of Davisville Station.

Southward view of the yard from the Chaplin Cr. bridge.

View of the Davisville yard from Yonge St.

Work cars stored at Davisville viewed from the Belt Line Trail bridge..

Davisville Yard7.jpg (75760 bytes)

Locomotive LPC1, as well as work car RT-16.

Gauge car RT-22 coupled to 5408-5409.

From the left: RT-16, RT-28, RT-22 coupled to 5408-5409.
View of the north end of the yard from the Belt Line Trail bridge.