The 160,000 sq. ft. Eglinton Garage is located on Duplex Ave. behind the Eglinton Station bus terminal.  Eglinton was opened on December 16, 1922 and was used a carhouse for the streetcars running on Yonge. The streetcar operations ceased when the Yonge subway was open in 1954.   Bus operations at eglinton began on April 1, 1938. From 1922 until 1925 and from March 1954 until December 28, 1991 the facility also housed trolley buses.  The garage was officially closed together with Danforth on March 31, 2002 when the new Eglinton garage opened. The bus routes that ran out of Eglinton included 5, 32, 192.

 Here is a plan of the Eglinton garage which featured 1 wash rack, 3 fueling stations, 7 40-ft. hoists, and 6 inspection pits.





Eglinton Garage

These are two aerial photographs of the Eglinton garage and the Eglinton Station bus terminal.  The first was taken in 1964 and the second in 1992.

The Eglinton Garage main building.