Earlscourt Loop


Fleet Loop

Exhibition East Loop

The Exhibition (East) loop which was relocated and redesigned in 1995-6 and was opened for passenger use on June 11, 1996 currently handles the 509 and 511 streetcars.  It features an extensive storage track on the north side of the loop and a passing track (that starts after the unloading platform) with single and double crossovers on the south side of the loop.  The unloading platform can accommodate 2 CLRVs and 1 ALRV, while the loading platform is even more expansive.

The occupied storage track as well as 3 streetcars headed for the unloading platform. The unloading platform.

The entrance to the loading platform and a supervisor regulating traffic at this busy loop, you can also see the double crossover.

The loading platform as well as the double crossover that allows the 509 and 511 cars to get to their respective loading platforms.
The 509 loading area and the single crossover that allows the 511 cars to leave if the 509 cars are in the way.