Wilson Yard

Greenwood Yard

The Greenwood yard opening coincided with the opening of the first portion of the Bloor-Danforth subway line.  It is a 31.5 acre property that lies along Greenwood Ave. between Oakvale Ave. and Wagstaff Dr.  The yards also lie close to CN tracks and can accept deliveries of new subway cars from the railway.

Here is a plan of the property, a floor plan of the car house and a floor plan of the overhaul and repair shops.

These are two aerial photographs of the Greenwood Yard.  The first was taken in 1964 while the Yard was still under construction and the second was taken in 1992.

View southward of the yards from Oakvale Ave.
Work cars at Greenwood. 

Former subway car now RT-36 and RT-30.

If you know which cars these are please contact the .