The Lansdowne Garage is located at the northwest corner of Lansdowne Ave. and Paton Rd. The garage (then a carthouse) was opened on March 17, 1911 and trolley bus operations started in June of 1947.  Buses started operating out of Lansdowne in 1967 when streetcar operations ceased.  The last day of trolley bus service was July 16, 1993 and the Lansdowne division was closed completely on February 17, 1996, one day after a huge restructuring of TTC routes took place.  At present it looks like there is some work being done at the site of the old garage, there are mounds of bricks and rubble in front of the bus bay doors as well as inside the building.

Here is a plan of the property before the trolley wires were removed.





Lansdowne Garage

These are two aerial photographs of the Lansdowne garage.  The first was taken in 1964 and the second in 1992.


The Lansdowne Garage main building and the staging area on the west side of the complex.