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The 1987 Classics 6212, 6222, 6233 and 6234 were called on to promote the Toronto 2008 Summer Olympics bid in the 2000 and 2001.  6212 and 6233 were wrapped in September of 2000, 6234 in late fall of 2000 and 6222 in the spring of 2001. The other Olympic buses were 6221, 6236, 6242, 6243, 6270, and 6291. All of these buses were unwrapped within 10 days of Toronto losing the 2008 Olympic bid on July 14, 2001. The pictures were taken by Richard Hooles.

6248 was wrapped in a Ryerson ad in September 2000 shortly after the bus was rebuilt.  The picture was taken by Fred Tang.

6222 was chosen to advertise for Heluva Good Quality Foods from September of 2000 until March of 2001.  Picture by Richard Hooles.

On October 28, 2000 Allen Dicion caught 6228 with the Wonder bread ad on route 90A Vaughan.  This ad campaign lasted from the late summer of 2000 until the spring of 2001.

6249 was wrapped in the Apple Computers ad in the summer of 2000.  Picture by Fred Tang.

Fantastic lottery was advertised on 6228 in the summer of 2000.  Photo by Richard Hooles.

This 1987 Classic, 6223, was serving as a moving ad for Bell Symaptico High Speed Edition from May 2000 until early 2001 along with Orion Vs 7073 and 9394.  Photo of 6223 is by Richard Hooles, while the photos of 7073 and 9394 were taken by Felix Tse on December 14, 2000.

6217 was very busy in 2000 advertising for Logitech cordless computer accessories and Bell Quick Change phone cards.  The Bell Quick Change ad ran approximately from May to October while the Logitech campaign lasted from October of 2000 until April 2001. Photos by Richard Hooles.

The 1987 GMC Classis 6214 was advertising Smarties from May 2000 until the late fall of 2000.  Picture by Richard Hooles.

This red ad for Yoplait Tubes was on board of 6242 between May and September of 2000.  First picture by Richard Hooles. The second picture was taken by Fred Tang in July.

This 1986 Flyer D901, 6130, carries a Bell Quick Change card ad similar to the full body wrap that was applied to 6217.  This picture was taken by Felix Tse on August 12, 2000.  The ad ran from May to October of 2000.

This Jean Machine ad ran from about July to September of 2000.  The picture of 6019 was taken by Fred Tang in August of 2000 while the picture of 6247 was taken by Jim Bowman on August 22, 2000.

Starbucks was advertising on a number of vehicles in 2000 including a CLRV, 4134 and 4251, an ALRV, and a GMC Classic, 6236.  Pictures by Richard Hooles.  The ad campaign lasted from April until September.

A 1987 Classic 6290 and a 1996 Orion V 7126 were wrapped for Disney Videos from April until July of 2000.  The picture of 6290 is by Richard Hooles, and the picture of 7126 is by Derek Chak.

1989 New Flyer 6460 was wrapped in an ad for United Way from the fall of 1999 until the fall of 2000.  First two pictures were taken by Fred Tang, the first before the rear lights were replaced and the second after.  The rear lights were replaced with LEDs during the rebuild.  The bottom picture was taken by Richard Hooles.

This New Flyer D40-89 6457 looked like a huge cereal box for this  Shredded Wheat ad campaign that lasted from late fall of 1999 until spring of 2000.  Photo by Richard Hooles.

Bus Ads 2001


Bus Ads 1997-9