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TTC Command Unit - TTC1

TTC1, a Prevost Le Mirage XL coach, was purchased in 2005 after the old command bus #572 was retired.  All of the pictures of TTC1 were taken at Arrow Garage on May 27, 2007.

Dashboard of TTC1.

Interior of TTC1.

Interior of TTC1.

Interior of TTC1.

Interior of TTC1.

TTC Command Unit - 572

This is a picture of TTC Command Unit #572 taken at Arrow Garage during the 2002 TTC Roadeo. It is a 1975 MCI MC-8 and has been the Command Unit since 1995.  Previously, this bus was owned by Can-Ar Coach Service, Greyhound Lines and Canadian Coachways. This bus was retired in 2005.

Pictures of the dashboard of the Command Unit

Pictures of the interior of the Command Unit.

Pictures of the work stations inside the Command Unit.  All the equipment such as computers is only installed when the bus is called into service in times of emergency.