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In January 2007 many TTC stations had ads for Amarula Liquor.  This picture was taken at Queen Station on January 19, 2007.  In February, the Amarula ad was replaced with an ad for Windows Vista.  This picture was taken at Queen Station on February 12, 2007.  The Mentos ad could be seen at Queen Station from early April until mid-May.  The pictures of the Mentos wrap were taken at Queen Station on April 9, 2007.


On July 6, 2006 after a lengthy delay on Spadina 4059 and 4103 showed up with 4103 pushing 4059 ahead of it.  The first 3 pictures were taken while the cars were headed northbound through the intersection of Spadina and Willcocks.  The last two shots were taken on Spadina Cr. while the cars were headed southbound after turning around in Spadina Station.


During the Black out of 2003, the CNG refuelling station was not working and so the CNG buses had to be parked when fuel ran low.  This picture was taken on August 15, 2003 from the lower bus platform at Wilson Station looking at the North Bus Platform.


On February 11, 2003 this 1986 Flyer D901 (6197) had the misfortune to break down at the bus bay at St. George Station.  Here are a couple of pictures of that bus preparing to be  towed.

During November and December of 2002 there was construction work performed at the bus loop at St. Clair Station so the buses were using the streetcar loop to drop off and pick up passengers.  These pictures of 6214 and 7303 were taken on November 26, 2002.

Two pictures of the hybrid Orion VII demonstrator #1043 taken at Queensway.

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