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For some unknown reason this posted that I found in a T-1 car on the Yonge-University-Spadina line was installed backwards.

Unfortunately in Toronto there are too many stretches of track marked with these types of signs, advising operators to slow down because of the state that the tracks are in.

Stops marked with yellow such as this one, that I found on Gerrard are only served on Sundays and are usually located by churches, mostly in the downtown area.

Signs like these once hung at the bus stop at the CNE to advise patrons of the destinations of the shuttle buses.  These relics were lying all around in the Wychwood Yard building.


These are Station and Vicinity maps from Lawrence, King, St. Clair Westn Lawrence West and Downsview Subway Stations.  All of them are recent, but they all contain mistakes or are outdated.  The Lawrence map was printed in March 2000, but shows route 11 operating out of Lawrence Station.    The King map was printed in March 1997, but shows 508 looping via Wellington and routes 141, 142 and 143 are missing.  The St. Clair West map is hopelessly outdated, it shows a branch of route 90 running to Bathurst Station and route 310 looping at St. Clair. The Lawrence West  map was printed in December of 1999, and yet it omits the 109C branch of the Ranee route. The Downsview map even though it was printed in March 1996 still shows 84B/C branches that operated through the Downsview Air Base. The map also shows route 117 operating via Allen  Rd, while the route always operated via Wilson Heights after the station was open

 This is another way in which the TTC lends itself to advertisers.  This staircase advertising Colgate Toothpaste leads from the concourse level at Sheppard-Yonge station to the bus platforms.  This picture was taken on April 15, 2003.

The bus bays at Eglinton Station.

TTC Supervisor booth located on the east side of Dufferin south of King.

A cross-over track on Dufferin north of King, although at one point it was probably used to reverse direction of streetcars, this track lost its usefulness when double-ended cars disappeared from Toronto streets.

The double crossover just west of Victoria Park Station.

This is the storage track to the south of Lawrence West Station.  This picture was taken on November 7, 2002.

Monument to David Gunn still sits on top of a post by the Bedford entrance to St. George Station.  The sign represents represents the aspirations of the former TTC Chief to turn the TTC into a world class system by giving the subway lines numbers as well as colours and names. However, once he realized that there were only two lines and passengers have pretty much figured out which line is which, this idea faded away leaving behind this single post at St. George Station.

Another grim reminder of the fact that Toronto once had trolley buses is this sign located in a stairwell in St. Clair Station that points to the Mount Pleasant Trolleys.

The North Bus Platform at Wilson Station was added in 1984, but has not been used since Downsview Station opened in 1996, except during the resurfacing of the Upper and Lower platforms 3 or 4 years ago.  It is now used for storage.

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