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January 1995


  • Starting Tuesday, January 3, Wheel-Trans will begin operating the new 425 DOWNTOWN accessible bus service on a fixed route between St. George Station and Ryerson Polytechnic University.  Buses will run every 30 minutes, Monday through Friday only from 7:30 a.m. (first trip leaving St. George and Ryerson) to 9:00 p.m. (last trip leaving St. George and Ryerson).

  • The other major destination served enroute are University of Toronto, The Provincial Government Buildings, Women's College Hospital, Toronto Hospital, Sick Children's Hospital, Metro Toronto Coach Terminal, The Atrium on Bay and The Eaton Centre.

  • The service has been designed to offer more convenient transit alternatives for Wheel-Trans customers, however, anyone is eligible to use the bus.  

  • The bus may be flagged down at any point along the route where it is safe for the operator to stop, at all TTC stops, and at any of the major destinations on the route.

  • Regular TTC fares with transfers to and from other routes in the systems apply on the 425 DOWNTOWN route.


  • Starting January 8, Sunday service service during the day on this busy route will be provided by the higher capacity articulated buses.


  • New Saturday daytime service begins January 14.  Buses will run every 20 minutes, leaving both Bathurst Quay and Parliament from 6:00 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. 


  • Due to poor ridership, rush hour service will be reduced to every 30 minutes starting January 9. 


  • The hours of operation will be extended starting January 8 to provide new late evening and all day Sunday service between Islington Station and Humberwood.

  • 37B Sunday service on Rexdale Blvd. will be discontinued.


  • Starting January 8, a later trip on Sunday nights will leave Lawrence Station at 1:00 a.m.


  • Starting January 8, Sunday service service during the day on this busy route will be provided by the higher capacity articulated buses.


  • Service between the rush hours on weekdays has been running for several weeks and will be officially scheduled starting January 9.  The new adult high school at Markham & Progress has caused major riding increases to routes in the area.


  • Starting January 9, a new Monday-Friday rush hour branch will run between Royal York Station and Queensway to provide additional service on this busy portion of the route.


February 13, 1995


  • A new premium-fare rush-hour express/local route that runs from York Mills & Victoria Park to downtown starts operation on February 13.

  • Buses will leave York Mills & Ness (west of Victoria Park) Monday through Friday (except holidays) at 6:50, 7:10, 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., pick up at all stops via Victoria Park, Parkwoods Village Dr., York Mills, Valley Woods, Brookbanks and Underhill to Lawrence, and at the Don Valley Parkway & Eglinton (15 minutes later).  Buses will then run express to downtown stopping on Richmond at Sherbourne, Jarvis, Church, Yonge, Bay and York.  

  • In the afternoon buses will leave downtown at 4:30, 5:10, 5:50 and 6:30 p.m.  They'll pick up on Adelaide at University/York, Bay, Yonge, Church, Jarvis and Sherbourne, then run express, stopping at Eglinton & Don Valley Parkway, and at all stops north of Lawrence & Underhill.

  • Along with your regular fare (adult, senior, student, child - ticket, token, Metropass or valid transfer), you'll have to pay the premium supplement of $1.00, or deposit an additional ticket/token, or buy a premium sticker for your Metropass at King or St. Andrew Station.


  • We're extending the York Mills service currently running on Ellesmere to Kingston Rd., to provide new service within the Rylander area and a part of Port Union Rd.  Buses on the new 95 branch will run Monday-Friday only between York Mills Station and Rouge Hill GO Station via York Mills, Parkwoods Village Dr., Ellesmere, Kingston Rd., Rylander, Durnford, Sheppard, Port Union and Lawrence.  Buses will leave York Mills from 6:22 a.m. to 5:32 p.m. and Rouge Hill GO Station from 5:34 a.m. to 5:58 p.m.  Additional 95F "Kingston Rd." service will be provided during rush hours.  There's no change to the evening service on the route.

  • In conjunction with the new service, 95D express buses will now be signed 95E.  Also, since service during the day on both main branches will now run between York Mills Station and Rouge Hill GO Station, buses will show "Via Rylander" (95) or "Via Military Trail" (95B, 95E) to differentiate between trips running on Ellesmere or Lawson Rd.


March 26, 1995


  • Starting Sunday, March 26, we're combining our 501 Queen and 507 Long Branch streetcar routes.  Streetcars on the extended 501 queen route will now run between Neville Park Loop on Queen Street just west of Victoria Park, and Long Branch Loop at Lake Shore Blvd. & Brown's Line, providing a new no-transfer service between downtown and Lake Shore Blvd. in southern Etobicoke.

  • Every other 501 car leaving Neville Park is scheduled to continue past Humber Loop to Long Branch.  Service levels on both Queen Street and Lake Shore Blvd. will remain virtually unchanged.  An additional eastbound stop will be added at Humber Loop for streetcars heading to downtown and Neville Park from Long Branch.

  • Don't forget - the Proof of Payment (POP) system will be extended the portion of 501 Queen service running on Lake Shore Blvd.  If you have a valid transfer or pass, you can board the streetcar at the center/rear doors.  Customers paying a fare - ticket, token or cash - must enter by the front doors only and will receive a transfer overprinted with PROOF OF PAYMENT.  Be sure to get a transfer even if you need it to continue your trip on another route.


  • Starting Sunday, March 26, the route will be extended from Humber Loop to Keele Station providing a direct connection with the subway and a new service on Parkside Drive.  Buses will now run between Sherway and Keele Station via Queensway, Colborne Lodge Dr., Lake Shore Blvd., and Parkside Drive.  Note that buses will no longer enter Umber Loop in either direction.  Connections with 501 Queen streetcars can be made at Queensway & Windermere, and with 66 Prince Edward buses at Queensway and Stephen Drive.

  • Service on the route will continue to be provided 18 hours a day, 7 days a week; buses will now run every 15 minutes during rush hours and every 30 minutes at other times.

Schedule Adherence

  • Starting Sunday, March 26, a pilot project  will be introduced on 20 routes to provide better customer service by improving schedule adherence.

  • After 9:00 p.m. every night, we'll be tightening up the trip running times by providing a 4-minute wait at the subway loading location in the subway station.  Along with providing added convenience to customers when boarding  the bus at the subway station, this will help to improve schedule adherence over the entire route, providing a double dose of customer service.  Wherever possible, clockface services will continue to be provided.

  • The routes being tested are 11 Bayview, 12 Kingston Rd., 14 Glencairn, 20 Cliffside, 23 Dawes, 36 Finch West, 39 Finch East, 40 Junction, 42 Cummer, 58 Malton, 66 Prince Edward, 68 Warden, 76 Royal York South, 87 Cosburn, 95 York Mills, 100 Flemingdon Park, 107 Keele North, 111 East Mall, 131 Nugget and 161 Rogers Rd.

  • If the the is successful, the project will be expanded to other routes on the system.


May 1995


  • Starting Sunday May 7, buses will be extended into Exhibition Place after about 9:15 a.m. every day.


  • Starting Sunday May 7, the route will be extended to provide a new service to Ontario Place. Buses run every day from about 9:30 a.m. with the last bus leaving Ontario Place at 10:00 p.m.


  • Our streetcar track crews will be working on the Victoria Day holiday weekend to replace the tracks in the Bathurst/King intersection.  Regular service through the intersection will be affected from 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 18 to 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 23.

  • 504 KING streetcars will be diverted both ways via Shaw, Queen and Spadina, and a special shuttle bus route will provide service on King Street between Shaw and Church in the downtown core.

  • 511 BATHURST streetcars will be replaced by buses running between Bathurst Station and the loop at the eastern entrance of Exhibition Place.


  • Starting May 7, we're beginning work to replace the track in the underground streetcar/bus loop at St. Clair West Station.  During the construction, the station will remain open, but no transit vehicles will be able to use the loop.

  • Streetcars on the 512 ST. CLAIR route will be replaced by buses between St. Clair Station and Gunn's Loop (west of Keele) and will make connections with the SPADINA subway at the street entrances at St. Clair West Station.  In addition, buses on the 7E BATHURST (rush hours only), 90A VAUGHAN and 126 CHRISTIE (signed as 126A, late evening after 10 p.m.) routes will be extended along St. Clair and will loop at St. Clair Station.

  • At St. Clair West Station: Two eastbound stops will be marked at the south side entrance on St. Clair Avenue - one for route 33, and the other for the routes running to St. Clair Station.  Two westbound stops will be marked at the north side entrance on St. Clair Avenue - one for westbound 512 ST. CLAIR and 126 CHRISTIE buses and the other for route 7E BATHURST and 90A VAUGHAN. Transfers are required. Be sure to get one where you paid your fare.

  • At St. Clair West Station: The 512 ST. CLAIR, 7E BATHURST, 90A VAUGHAN and 126A CHRISTIE routes will load at the streetcar loop.

  • Streetcars will not return to St. Clair Avenue until Labour Day.  During the construction period, other track replacement on St. Clair will take place at Avenue Rd., between Oakwood and Dufferin, and at the Gunn's Loop (west of Keele).

Summer Fare collection Procedures  on the 604 Harbourfront Line

  • The "Pay As You Leave / Free Ride" fare collection procedure will be used again this summer on the 604 HARBOURFRONT streetcar line to help provide more efficient service.  On weekends and holidays, starting May 20, no fares will be collected on the streetcars and no transfers will be issued.  After leaving the streetcar at Union Station, your fare will be collected as you enter the subway.  This lets us load the streetcars at all stops by both the front and centre doors, speeding up service.  As an added bonus, you can travel FREE between Queens Quay Station and Spadina & Queens Quay while visiting Harbourfront and other waterfront attractions.

  • You have to deposit the appropriate ticket, token or exact cash fare, or have a valid pass or transfer, after you leave the streetcar to enter the subway at Union Station, or when boarding other TTC services.  Streetcar and bus drivers, and the fare collectors at the streetcar loop at Union Station do not sell fares or make change.

  • This fare collection procedure will be in effect weekends and holidays from May 20 until Labour Day.


June 1995

Exhibition East Streetcar Loop Closed Starting June 18

  • In conjunction with the construction of the World Trade Centre building, the streetcar loop at the east entrance of Exhibition Place will be taken out of service starting Sunday, June 18. Construction of a new streetcar loop will commence shortly, but is not scheduled for completion until mid-1997. The following routes will provide regular service to Exhibition Place and Ontario Place.


  • Streetcars from Bathurst Station replaced during the summer by buses, looping inside the grounds at the Grandstand. 511/310 provide 24-hour service from the area of the Princes’ Gate.


  • Buses from Dufferin Station extended into the grounds after 9:15 a.m. every day, looping at the Grandstand. 29/314 provide 24-hour service from Dufferin Gate.


  • Service provided until about 10:00 p.m. every night between Union subway station and Ontario Place.


  • Buses from Ossington Station extended to Ontario Place, passing Princes’ Gate. 63/316 provide 24-hour service.

Special looping arrangements for these routes will be required during major events such as the Molson Indy, Caribana and the CNE. After Labour Day, streetcars will return to the 511 BATHURST route, but will run to Fleet Loop only (Fleet west of Bathurst). During the fall and winter, Route 63 will provide service past the east entrance of Exhibition Place and Route 29 will loop at the west entrance.


  • On summer weekends and holidays from about 11.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. buses will run south of High Park subway station into High Park via West Road and Colborne Lodge Drive, looping at Colborne Lodge and returning north via Colborne Lodge Drive. 

64 main

  • Buses will run every 15 minutes from about 11.00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays and holidays to provide increased service to the Beach.


  • From June 18 until July 30, service on Queen Street will be affected while crews replace the tracks between Church and Parliament.  501/301 QUEEN streetcars will divert both ways via Victoria, Richmond/Adelaide and Parliament, and a replacement bus service will be provided on Queen between McCaul and Broadview. 502 DOWNTOWNER Monday-Friday streetcar service will be replaced by buses between Bingham Loop and McCaul Loop.


August 1995

Service to the CNE - August 18 to September 4

  • 93 EXHIBITION WEST EXPRESS buses will provide frequent service between Dundas West Station and the west entrance of the CNE.  These buses make no intermediate stops.

  • 63B OSSINGTON buses will run from Eglinton West Station and Fleet & Strachan (outside the eastern entrance).


September 1995


  • Starting September 5, Monday-Friday rush hour express service will be discontinued.


  • Starting September 3, during weekday evenings and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays, service will be extended to run to Humberwood Loop.


  • Starting September 5, Monday-Friday rush hour express service will be discontinued.


  • Starting September 5, Monday-Friday rush hour express service will be discontinued.


  • Starting September 5, Monday-Friday rush hour service on the 90 "Bathurst Station - Oakwood" branch will be extended to loop via Vaughan Rd., Northcliffe, Eglinton and Oakwood.


  • Starting September 5, the 100C and 100D Monday-Friday rush hour branches will now provide service via Concorde Place.  100C buses will be redesignated as 100A.


  • Starting September 5, Wheel-Trans customers can experience this new and innovative service.  The PULSE BUS service is a same day, accessible door-to-door service for Wheel-Trans customers whose trips, including prebook trips, start and end within the area bounded roughly by the West Don River, Steeles, Yonge, Finch, Senlac and Park Home.  Co-incident with this new service, the 401 NORTH BATHURST community bus service will be discontinued.

  • Designed to provide spontaneous travel, the PULSE BUS allows Wheel-Trans customers to book a trip up to one hour in advance of the time they wish to travel.